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PVP brings people together to win concrete change.



PVP shines a light on systems that don’t work for people in our community.  These broken systems hurt all members of our community, especially the poor and communities of color.  PVP commits to call attention to this brokenness and to advance concrete policy changes to reform these systems.

PVP believes that people should have a say in the policy decisions that shape their lives and therefore should not avoid the exercise of power to promote justice and advance the common good.

PVP believes that one essential way to build and exercise power for the good of the community is to build a strong, broad-based, disciplined and democratic organization.

PVP trusts in democracy and believes that ordinary people know best what their families and communities need and works to make sure their voices are at the center of political life.

One of our basic principles is “never do for others what they can do for themselves.”  We believe that with training, support and organization, regular people can be leaders in the movement to transform systems in our community.

PVP values and intentionally brings people together across race, class, neighborhood, language and faith tradition to break down the barriers that have historically kept us divided.

PVP believes that our shared values can bring us together and call on us to act collectively to make our community a better place.

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